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Trump Voter Fraud Commission Suppresses Voter Registration - Igniting Wave of Cancelled Voter Registrations -

Colorado - Voters in Colorado have spoken and are continuing to speak expressing their concern regarding the Presidential Commission on Election Integrity acquiring voter personal data from all 50 states' voter registration databases. Colorado is one of the 30 states that is providing publicly available information to the Commission.  Four states remain undecided. 


As of July 14, 2017, 3,748 voters have cancelled their voter registration.  Nearly 90% are Democrats. Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez told the McClatchy Company Friday, "If you unregister, you are giving a victory to proponents of voter suppression."


Amber Reynolds, Director of Elections in Denver told the Colorado Independent, "There's confusion, there's hysteria.  In over 12 years of administering elections, I never expected to see a day in the office where we would have more withdrawals than new registrations - and that happened yesterday."


The President's Commission continues to come under fire, as many voters believe the Commission was formed only to make it difficult to vote, especially in minority communities.


Other states have not reported an increase in voters cancelling their registrations, but have reported receiving hundreds of calls and emails requesting that the state not release their information. 




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