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Live Stream - First Public Meeting of "Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity" - Wednesday, June 19, 2017


The first meeting of the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity will be held on Wednesday, July 19, 2017 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, Room 350, 1650 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20502.  IT WILL BE OPEN TO THE PUBLIC VIA STREAMING ON LINE - https://whitehouse.gov/live


This meeting will consist of a ceremonial swearing in of Commission Members, Introductions and Statements from Members, a discussion of the Commission's charge and objectives, possible comments or presentations from invited experts, and a discussion of next steps and related matters.


Point to Consider:  Could this Federal Commission's scope and authority result in federal policy to undermine or impede the States' rights (as authorized in the US Constitution and Bill of Rights)  to manage, administer and run elections?  


Eight of the twelve initial Commission Members are comprised of state officials from Kansas, Indiana, New Hampshire, Maine, Ohio, Arkansas, West Virginia and Alabama which Americans trust will ensure protection of states' and citizens rights and to uphold the US Constitution and Bill of Rights. 



June 28, 2017.  All Letters.


The Vice-Chair of the Commission sent to each Secretary of State a letter, dated June 28, 2017 requesting the following information by July 14, 2017:

  1. What changes, if any, to federal election laws would you recommend to enhance the integrity of federal elections?

  2. How can the Commission support state and local election administrators with regard to information technology security and vulnerabilities?

  3. What laws, policies or other issues hinder your ability to ensure the integrity of elections you administer?

  4. What evidence or information do you have regarding instances of voter fraud or registration fraud in your state?

  5. What convictions for election-related crimes have occurred in your state since the November 2000 federal election?

  6. What recommendations do you have for preventing voter intimidation or disenfranchisement?

  7. What other issues do you believe the Commission should consider?


Provide publicly available voter roll data:

  • Full First and Last Names of All Registrants (Middle Names or Initials, if available)

  • Addresses, Dates of Birth

  • Political Party

  • Last Four Digits of Social Security Number

  • Voter History (Elections voted in from 20016 onward)

  • Active/Inactive Status, Cancelled Status

  • Information regarding Felony Convictions

  • Information regarding Voter Registration in Another State

  • Information regarding Military Status, and Overseas  Information



To protect civil rights and privacy of registered voters in the United States, public officials have responded in officials letters to this Commission.  Responses.


United States Senate - July 6, 2017

Secretary of State, Alabama - July 5, 2017

Secretary of State, Florida - July 6, 2017

Secretary of State, South Dakota - July 10, 2017

Secretary of State, West Virginia - July 11, 2017

Secretary of State, Illinois - July 5, 2017

General Counsel, State Board of Elections, Illinois - July 7, 2017

General Counsel, Secretary of State,  Missouri - July 10, 2017

Secretary of the Oklahoma State Election Board, July 6, 2017




Vice President Mike Pence, Chair

Kris Kobach, Secretary of State of Kansas, Vice-Chair

Connie Lawson, Secretary of State of Indiana

Bill Gardner, Secretary of State of New Hampshire

Matthew Dunlap, Secretary of State of Maine

Ken Blackwell, Former Secretary of State of Ohio

Christy McCormick, Commissioner, Election Assistance Commission

David Dunn, Former Arkansas State Representative

Mark Rhodes, Clerk of Wood County, West Virginia

Hans von Spakovsky, Senior Legal Fellow and Manager of Election Law Reform Initiative, Edwin Meese Center for Legal & Judicial Studies, The Heritage Foundation

J. Christian Adams, President and General Counsel, Public Interest Legal Foundation

Alan King, Probate Judge, Jefferson County, Alabama


MEETING AGENDA - July 19, 2017, 11:00 am EST


1.  Ceremonial Swearing in of Members

2.  Welcome Remarks - Chairman, Vice-President Mike Pence

3.  Commissions' Introductions - All Members

4.  Short Break

5.  Discussion - All Members, led by Vice-Chairman, Secretary Kris Kobach 

The Mission, per Executive Order 13799

By-Laws and Operating Procedures

Possible Topics for Commission to Address

Future Meetings

6.  Adjourn




Commission Charter - Charter excerpts below


1. Committee's Official Designation. Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity ("Commission).


2.  Authority.  The Commission is established in accordance with Executive Order 13799 of May 11, 2017, "Establishment of a Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity" ("Order") and the provisions of the Federal Advisory Committee Act ("FACA", as amended (5 U.S.C. App).


3.  Objectives and Scope of Activities.  The Commission will, consistent with applicable law and the Order, study the registration and voting processes used in Federal elections.  the Commission shall be solely advisory and shall submit a report to the President of the United States ("President") that identifies the following:


a.  those laws, rules, policies, activities, strategies and practices that enhance the American people's confidence in the integrity of the voting processes used in Federal elections;


b.  those laws, rules, politics, activities, strategies, and practices that undermine the American people's confidence in the integrity of voting processes used in Federal elections; and 


c.  those vulnerabilities in voting systems and practices used for Federal elections that could lead to improper voter registrations and improper voting, including fraudulent voter registrations and fraudulent voting. 


4.  Description of Duties. The Commission will function solely as an advisory body." 






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