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Voters Slam President's Commission on Voter Fraud - President Undermining Election Integrity - Suppressing Voters


Via an opportunity to provide public comments to The Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity that has requested extensive information from all 50 states on all US registered voters, voters nationwide slammed the Commission and The President.  The Commission published the comments Thursday (copies of emails with voters' names). 112 pages of comments were received expressing outrage, calling the President "evil", providing further critiques, and singling out state officials who support the Commission. Public Comments.


The Commission (chaired by Vice-President Pence) was formed by the President in May under the authority of an Executive Order based on the President's completely unfounded claims that "millions" voted illegally in the 2016 election, costing him the popular vote against his Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton.  What the President fails to recognize is that if millions of voters voted illegally in this alternate reality he lives, millions of those votes could have been attributed to him illegally, providing Hillary Clinton with a much larger popular vote.


Experts have all concluded that any voter fraud is extremely rare, supported by over many studies, over 50 independent studies, court findings, and state investigations - many of these studies cited by the Brennan Center for Justice at New York State University.


President Trumps's repeated and baseless self-proclaimed assertion about widespread voter fraud is completely false, and he is actively undermining the integrity of our nation's elections and  free and fair access for all US citizens to the ballot.  


Election experts and civil rights groups warn that even partial compliance with the President's request would threaten voting rights.


This Commission's efforts is a violation of every American citizen's civil rights and right to privacy, and is nothing more than an attempt to suppress the vote in future elections.


If voters know that all their personal information is being turned over to the Federal government, millions of unregistered voters will not register to vote, and current registered voters could potentially cancel their registration or not vote at all. 

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